22 minutes read
Your home is your castle, and your castle is where you go to unwind and escape from the everyday madness. Many people spend their free days watching TV or binging on YouTube to relax, and others love to cook, clean, sleep or play some good music. Now all there is no standard method to making good use of free time, so there is no right or wrong way to do it, but if you have a backyard where you live, there are some interesting activities to help convert the yard into a sanctuary.
15 minutes read
A water display in the yard, garden fountains, or patio fountains turn the yard from ordinary to special. Scientists deduce that we humans began as water creatures and evolved to hunters who speared fish in the water. Hence our eager desire to be around water and to skip rocks. A child will be drawn to the water’s edge to start throwing rocks. People are drawn to water.
14 minutes read
A pond as part of your home's outdoor ambiance is a beautiful featured addition that provides times of peace, relaxation and tranquility. However there are special needs and possible seasonal occurrences that are typical for most outdoor fish ponds one should be mindful of. As temperatures dip a freeze is probable over your pond and there is partial protection nature invokes; the pond experiences a state of suspended animation of sorts. At best a small pond heater is a great idea to protect your outdoor space adequately.