When Frogs Fly

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Sometime after Easter of last year Gert Knight noticed The Frog’s disappearances. "My husband was on the lawn mower and I yelled ‘Hey, John, we got a frog missing.’" Ms. Knight told reporters. They both thought that it was a simple case of "frognapping" and that they’d never see The Frog again.

That’s when they received their first postcard from The Frog. He was in Chesapeake Bay. The card read, "Sick of sitting on your lawn. Had to get away. Love, The Frog".

From Maryland to New York. A letter arrived that read, "Dear Ma and Pa. Hope things are good! I’m being well taken care of! I’m in New York right now! Should be back for the holidays! Take care of my lady frog for me. Write you again soon! Love, The Frog." Photographs of The Frog sitting outside a New York subway station and being held up to the street signs of Broadway and 52nd Street were included.

From Switzerland to Sweden to Paris. "Hi, Mom and Dad. Can’t stay in Paris too long. I hear frog legs are a delicacy! Gotta go."

From London to Denmark to Venice to Indonesia. "President Suharto stepped down. Me and the children pray for peace in Indonesia and for everyone around the world."

From Japan to Las Vegas to Amsterdam and then to Brussels. "The last time we heard from him," stated John Knight, "he was in Belgium sitting on the corner of a toilet seat and said he couldn’t get any closer to the water than that."

The Frog came home for the holidays. A limousine arrived and the driver escorted The Frog to the Knights along with a bottle of champagne and flowers for his lady frog. The Frog’s traveling companions were not inside and the limousine company had no clue as to who the man was that rushed the money to the driver and gave him The Frog along with the goodies.

A last letter was given to the Knights. "Dear Mr. and Mrs. Knight. I am glad to send Phil the Frog home for Christmas. I never thought the joke would become this big! You don’t know me and I never met you. It was totally a random thing for my best friend and I to do! We took good care of him. Hope you keep him inside from now on, seeing he is famous. Best wishes for a happy holiday season and thanks for being good sports!" It was signed "Frognappers."

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