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Bead filters clean pond water by pumping the water in through a plastic chamber filled with thousands of plastic beads packed together. The water is pressed under the pressure of a pump and dirt particles remain stuck in the beads. The bead filter traps organic materials, dirt, and other debris.
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A pond skimmer saves you the work of skimming debris from your pond. The technology of a pond skimmer automatically removes debris (leaves, pollen, twigs, dirt and more). Skimmers are a type of mechanical filter where a screen, a net, or a basket is built-in to capture debris from the water. The skimmer creates a sweeping motion that keeps debris from sinking to the bottom of the pond.
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Springtime is almost here, and it’s time to get the yard ready for some fun in the sun! This usually means cleaning up several months’ worth of debris, and it’s often hard to decide where to start. Most homeowners begin by raking leaves and mowing the lawn, and then focusing on the areas where heavy debris accumulates. If you have an outdoor koi pond or water feature, you already know that you have your work cut out for you every spring. Even a covered pond can collect a lot of debris and sludge over the winter!
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Incorporation of the element of water into residential landscaping is not a new idea. Ancient fountains were found in the ruins of Pompeii and one only has to witness the extravagantly crafted fountains of Versailles to realize the importance 17th-century France placed on water in the garden. Perhaps ancient Oriental cultures were the first to use the element of water in landscape design. The roots to our modern koi ponds are richly imbedded in Japan while the roots of our water gardens are probably more from Europe and more specifically the United Kingdom. It was in these areas of the world where the first cases of Pond Fever were reported.
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If your fish exhibit any of the following activities there may be cause for concern. Head Hanging — (Not to be confused with head-banging, a rhythmic nodding action demonstrated by youth in the 70’s.) Head hanging is when one or more fish stay near the bottom of the pond with his head down. This is an indication of parasitic infestation.
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Now that spring is just around the corner it’s time to begin the loving task of opening up the pond. The transition of winter to spring can be tricky for the fish. Parasites and anaerobic (bad) bacteria thrive in cool waters before the fish have had time to build up their immunity. Aerobic (good nitrifying) bacteria take their time to establish in the biological filter so we run the risk of deadly ammonia and nitrite build-up in the pond during this time of year.
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Cleaning the pond in fall and/or early spring can be quite a chore. Many opt to have a professional do it. There are several factors that determine the price of a professional cleaning, not simply the size of the pond. Before a professional can give an accurate estimate for cleaning a pond, those factors have to be considered.
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Many folks come into the store with desperate looks on their faces and woeful tales of a favorite fish that has met his maker. They don’t understand what happened to their friend and come to us for answers. The very first thing we ask is, have you tested your water for pH, ammonia or nitrites? A concentration (or any measure of) these two substances is dangerous to fish.
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There’s been a lot of articles written lately encouraging the practice of lining the bottom of the pond with gravel or rocks. We DO NOT encourage it. Here’s why. Debris that gets trapped between the rocks is a breeding ground for bad bacteria. Deadly to fish and obnoxious-smelling to us, this mulm is guaranteed to turn what used to be a lovely ornamental pond into a cess pool.
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There are professionals who know ponds and there are others who don’t. There are some that are in the learning curve and will become great pond builders one day. As backyard ornamental ponds increase in popularity so do the number of contractors who become overnight experts. Suddenly everyone knows how to build a pond.