4 minutes read
There are professionals who know ponds and there are others who don’t. There are some that are in the learning curve and will become great pond builders one day. As backyard ornamental ponds increase in popularity so do the number of contractors who become overnight experts. Suddenly everyone knows how to build a pond.
16 minutes read
It is disturbing to hear complaints from folks who are dissatisfied with their brand new ponds and the contractors who built them. Often pond systems are installed by builders and fail to meet the customer’s expectations. Most often we find the problem stems from a miscommunication between the builder and the buyer. We have both builder and buyers as customers which gives us a unique prospective on the relationship between them and what can go right and wrong. By paying attention to what the other is saying, knowing what to expect from the other and keeping your end of the bargain you can have a love affair with your customer or contractor.