The Algae "Fix" -- Get Rid of String Algae

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YES! A new product has hit our shelves that actually works against string algae and blanket weed!

AlgaeFix™, a brand new product manufactured by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, will clear up those nasty strands of algae safely and with little fuss. When used in conjunction with barley bales you end up with a total string algae and blanket weed solution!

AlgaeFix™ clears up string algae that is already present in the pond but has little preventative effect to keep the algae from returning. As pond water runs through barley bales the barley begins to break down and releases enzymes into the water that retard the growth of any new algae.

Will It Hurt My Fish?

Rigorous tests by the manufacturer has shown that when used as directed the product is safe for fish and reptiles such as snails, frogs and turtles. It is not safe for shell fish such as lobsters, crayfish and shrimp.

Will It Hurt My Plants?

Again, testing shows that when used as directed this product will not harm the common pond plants we place in our ponds including Anacharis, Water Hyacinths, Water Lettuce, Cannas and other bog plants, Water Lilies, etc.

Will It Clear Up Green Water (Algae Bloom)?

The manufacturer claims it “helps” but we haven’t seen any effect on free-flowing, green-water algae bloom.

We’ve tested AlgaeFix™ in our own ponds. Some of you saw that amazing, long, rope-like string algae we had in our water lily showcase pond. It was in strands of 3 feet and more! I personally pulled a bunch of it out myself and got it under control but it was still there. AlgaeFix™ got rid of it altogether after just one treatment. It did not harm any of the beautiful, large fancy goldfish in the pond nor did it harm the big, beautiful water lilies.

The Total Solution

The Doc’s Prescription for getting rid of string algae once and for all is to place one barley bale for each 1000 gallons of pond water in the waterfall or filter (wherever water can run through it to most effectively distribute the enzymes throughout the pond). Treat the water immediately with AlgaeFix™ according to the instructions on the label. It takes several weeks for the enzymes in the barley to begin working properly so additional treatments of AlgaeFix™ may be necessary during this time.

Remember that AlgaeFix™ is a temporary “fix”. Barley bales should be used in conjunction with the product to offer a total solution to the string algae problem.


When algae dies it consumes great amounts of the pond’s supply of dissolved oxygen. Killing all the algae at once can be disastrous if proper precautions are not taken.

Aerate the pond heavily when using AlgaeFix™.

Never use the product at dusk or at night when oxygen levels are low.

Do not treat the pond and leave. Keep an eye on the fish during treatment and if the fish come to the surface as if gasping for air make an immediate water change to dilute the treatment!


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